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The Choice Business Group is a professional development organization focused on providing online financial literacy training, job training programs, and online business development programs.

Membership Programs

Financial Literacy + -

Choice Business Group has established this organization to fill in the gaps within our society. Our programs focus on the underserved, the African American and Hispanic community. Our goal is to change the stigma within our community and begin to establish a strong foundation of financial literacy, leading towards solidified generational wealth.

Online Job Training + -

Online Job Training program provides members with real-world, hands-on experience, placing them ahead of the curve when it’s time to land their first job or secure the next role in their company. Our program will provide these residents not only with the tools they need to perfect their resume, but also excel in the interview process and establish good workplace ettiequte to ensure career longevity.


Our Online Business Startup program will give you and your team the resources you need to build your dream online business. Our team will assist you with establishing your LLC, writing your business plan, develop your online marketplace and partner you with experts in the field to drive traffic and sales to your company’s website. During the current times and crisis, online traffic is at an all-time high. Our team will guide you through strategies and methods to capitalize on this traffic and establish strong client relationships.

Congratulations! If you live in the North Las Vegas area you may qualify for a free membership.



Establish Generational

Help the underserved community begin their financial literacy journey towards obtaining generational wealth.


Entrepreneurial Freedom

We provide our members with all of the resources they need to become a successful entrepreneur and build their empire.


Train for Success

Our team of experts and professionals are dedicated towards giving you the tools you need to conquer your career goals.


Ask Anything.
Learn Everything.

We're here to assist you and your business reach the ultimate growth potential.

Strength. Knowledge. Growth.

Helping convert passion into business through education, resources and consulting